Welcome to the land of open space!

Find that "feel good" feeling. Visit the "Rhön" - take off on your own in this wonderful space - or experience gliding from the "Wasserkluppe" - the highest Mountain range here in the Rhön. The unique landscape is characterised by numerous woodless hills, delightful valleys, moors and a unique flora and fauna that is
amazing to see and boundless in its wonder.

In the heart of Germany you can discover an "Eldorado" for the soul - and Germany’s no. 1 in the world of hiking.

Here you will find more than 6,000 kilometres of excellently sign-posted hiking routes that are perfect for regeneration, but also golf, cycling, climbing, riding, canoeing, hang-gliding as well as many swimming pools as part of the wide range of sports facilities available in the Rhön.

Alternatively, spoil yourself in one of the eight health resorts which offer an abundance of "indulgence" as well as offering first-class treatment for a variety of medical treatments.


Two days in heaven

Get that feel good felling deep inside ? visit the Rhön region!
- 2 nights including breakfast
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